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About Designed to Order

Designed to Order Florist is a family owned and operated business. We include Don and Donna Maloney and daughters, Carolyn, Sarah, Mary, Rebecca and son Daniel.

Donna has worked in several local florist shops and was a Holiday Designer/Manager for a large Connecticut Corporation specializing in corporate indoor plant landscaping. A garden and flower enthusiast for more than twenty years, Donna has been recognized locally for her rose garden and shade garden design.

Don has been the structural and technical partner while more recently becoming involved in floral design. Don and daughter Mary have completed the instructional courses at the Connecticut Florist Association.

Carolyn is a financial analyst who keeps the finances and books in order. Sarah is in charge of promotions and our “idea bank”. Mary is a part time and holiday designer. Rebecca is an artist and has oil/collage work displayed for sale in the shop. Daniel is in charge of screen printing, logos and uniforms.

We are all proud of our individual talents and feel privileged to have the opportunity to display them and work in our community among friends and relations. Our goals are excellence in reputation and personal service.