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Permanent Florals

Permanent flowers or botanicals are floral arrangements that are comprised of artificial flowers stems that are produced commercially and made of materials, such as silk, polyester fabric, plastics and rubber compositions.

There are several different grades of permanent flowers. The better the grade of the stem, the better the representation of the flower’s characteristics. The best quality permanent flowers are botanically correct in every way and great care is given to color, material composition and flexibility that allows maximum use by the designer. These are truly beautiful realistic permanent flowers.

Designed to Order florist purchases several of the best and better grades of permanent botanicals. Our philosophy is that the floral design needs to begin with lovely flowers that will support its enduring artistic quality. The best does cost more, but when one considers the long life span of a permanent floral arrangement it like purchasing a piece of artwork. We also purchase unusual and unique containers, urns, baskets and vases for our permanent design work. The containers should compliment or showcase the flowers and complete the aesthetics.

We have a good selection of seasonal permanent arrangements in the store. We also have exotic arrangements, wreaths, swags and smaller designs for gift items. Holiday florals and décor are a favorite and we offer many ideas for decorating your home.

Permanent floral arrangements start at $50 on average, and can go up to more than $300 for large urn style designs. We do not sell permanent botanical flowers by the stem, though we will entertain special orders for a dozen of the same floral stem.

Custom design work is encouraged at our shop. The order usually starts with a brief consultation to discover preferences and style and a general budget. Next we obtain flowers and containers that we judge to be of the client’s taste and at the second meeting the client selects the container and flowers, the design is discussed and decided upon and an estimated fee is given. The design is completed by an agreed upon date.

Many of our customers bring us pictures of the room the arrangement is to decorate. It is most satisfying to obtain just the right flowers and design to decorate that antique vase that was such a great find or the old pot that has been in the family for years.