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There are certain times when an individual is looking for special flowers to suit a very special person or a special occasion.

A single rose in any color wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon is always touching and traditionally roses speak love and affection. We usually have several colors/varieties of roses in stock, under $10.

A single stem or three stems of an exotic flower like a green, purple or fuchsia colored Dendrobium orchid speaks unusual and mysterious romance. Good choice for making a first impression and definitely a conversation starter.
Under $20. We usually have some cut orchids in stock, but its best to order a few days ahead to get the color that might suit best.

A basket or vase of her or his favorite flowers or a garden mix delivered to her when she or he least expects it with your romantic sentiments on the enclosure card. $50 and up. Favorite flowers need to be ordered a week ahead and some flowers are available only in season.

A potted phaelenopsis orchid of an unusual variety such as one with a spotted or striped flower speaks of exotic and romantic places and being unique. Potted orchids can be expensive, but the blooms will last for months. $65 and up for plant only (Attractive pottery pot priced separately). Must be ordered several days ahead.

A cut cymbidium orchid stem or stems in a lovely unusual vase is romantic in a graceful and feminine style. $40 and up (special vase is priced separately).

An old-fashioned nosegay or tussie mussie with scented flowers to keep on a personal desk, by the computer or on a bedside table. Very sweet in gesture and nostalgically romantic. $40 and up (tussie mussie silver plated holder priced separately) Please order a couple of days ahead.

Rose petals to scatter (usually requested around Valentine’s Day) are available, but also must be ordered several days ahead.

If you have a unique idea and give us advance notice we’ll try hard to make it a romantic reality for your special person.