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We are available to assist you with a single expression of sympathy or an entire funeral floral tribute. If normal work hours are not convenient for a consultation an evening appointment is an option for the bereaved. In special circumstances (tragedy, frailty or disability) we would arrange to meet at a personal location.

Because of the short window of preparation for sympathy/funeral florals there are some limitations in ordering variety and color of flowers; for example, lilies take several days to open properly and show their beauty. You are encouraged to designate your preferences and we will find the most available flowers to express your feelings.

Please note that in consideration of the family and the funeral director we prefer to make our funeral deliveries at minimum 2 to 3 hours prior to the beginning of funeral services. Consequently last minute orders are encouraged to be sent to the family’s home after the services are completed or several days later when they are often greatly appreciated.

Casket Spray

One Half Saddle - Denotes a floral spray that covers the bottom half of the casket-from waist to toes.

Full Saddle – Denotes a floral spray that sits on the middle of the cover of the closed casket and extends to each end and over the front and back of the casket.

The final expense of these floral tributes depend on the cost of the individual flowers selected, as well as the special design requested. For example, expensive flowers such as roses, lilies, exotic flowers and or special designs such as a garden for a gardener, or a picture frame tribute or a sports tribute. Half Saddle sprays generally are priced $250 and up, Full Saddle sprays are $350 and up.

Standing Spray

These funeral pieces are usually displayed to rear and or sides of the casket. They are large 4 to 5 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide and displayed on a metal footed stand to hold them above casket and or other basket arrangements. Standing sprays are useful as a representation from a large group or from several parties such as co-workers or neighbors. Prices start at $125.

Floral Basket or Urn

A great variety of basket styles are available. A standard white plastic funeral basket with arched handle and standard fan shape floral arrangement at is priced at $65 and up. White or brown wicker or woven twig basket sand ceramic or pottery vases or urns are available beginning at $75.

We carry a variety of container shapes and sizes and design the arrangement in any style the sender requests including wildflower, exotic, traditional, masculine, feminine, or a theme design.

Floral Design Forms

Wreaths, hearts and crosses often represent close family members. The tribute is usually placed close to the casket and the beloved deceased. Wreaths and hearts start in size at 18 to 24 inches in circumference.

Hearts and wreaths are available in both foam and grapevine form. Crosses are also available in several sizes and can be designed in floral foam or with dark or white birch sticks. Floral design forms pricing starts at $125.

Pillow Arrangement

A corsage style arrangement affixed to a small satin pillow placed inside the casket cover to the side of the deceased, usually by the head. It is often used to represent young children or grandchildren. Pricing starts at $50.

Large Vase of Mixed Cut Flowers

This type of arrangement can be made tall with curly willow branches for the large space of a funeral home or more compact to fit in the average home. An arrangement in a vase can start at $40 for a home delivery or $75 to stand out in a funeral home. White flowers are a great choice for funeral home as they stand out, while exotic flowers make the piece unique and beautiful with vibrant color combinations.

Cremation Flowers

Tailored floral design in the form of garlands, wreaths, and small crosses, hearts and picture frame style are available and priced on an individual basis.


Large floor plants and small personal plants like the popular peace lily are available; as well as dish gardens in baskets and ceramic containers.