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As your bridal or commitment ceremony florist, we want to be considerate of your planning energy and utilize our time and effort efficiently. An initial meeting of approximately one hour, set by appointment, enables us to have uninterrupted private time. Please call or email to inquire about the availability of the wedding date. We usually schedule only one wedding on any date.

Designed to Order Florist does not offer Bridal Packages as it is our belief that each wedding is a personal expression of the personalities of the Bride and Groom and therefore unique. We offer you personalized service, many varieties of fresh, quality flowers and unique, personal wedding florals.


Our wedding information form should be completed and brought to the wedding consultation. It allows us to spend the majority of our time planning and designing rather then compiling data that we will use closer to the wedding.

It is also important to bring the bridal gown and attendant’s dresses color swatches (a tiny piece of the seam fabric will do) to properly select flowers and/or ribbon. The style of the gowns and type of wedding guide us in choosing the design of the personal flower arrangements.

Prior to the wedding consultation it is advisable for the bride to look through magazines, not to copy a design, but to find out what colors, designs and general looks evoke the feeling and style that will define your day. Other magazines as well as bridal will offer ideas. A folder containing some of the most liked items should be brought to the consultation, especially when the bride and groom are uncertain about their preferences for the wedding. In viewing the pictures, listening to you and seeing your choices in gowns and tuxedos we feel confident that we will be able to guide you to a design in flowers that will characterize the look you want for your wedding.

Occasionally a second appointment is necessary, but in most circumstances one hour is more than sufficient to finalize design planning. At this time only a general idea of expenses can be estimated as flower availability and production costs must be obtained and each floral design priced out for labor as well as conditioning and care of the flowers.

Within a specified time after the bridal consultation a contract with brief floral design descriptions and the final cost of each design is completed and given to the bride or the party who is financially responsible. The wedding flowers will be ordered from the wholesaler once the plans are finalized and the contract has been signed and one half of the final cost remitted. The remainder of the floral contract fee is due twp weeks prior to the wedding. It is advisable to have the flowers ordered at the minimum of three weeks before the wedding.

Personal Flowers

Hand Tied Bouquets
Flowers are arranged with stems in a criss-crossed manner with the general shape of the bouquet being round. Often referred to as a “Martha Stewart style”. This style works well if a traditional shape or Victorian or country wildflower look is desired. These bouquets need to be kept in a water source until just before they are to be held for pictures or going down the aisle.

Bouquet Holder Arranged Bouquet
The flowers are arranged by placing them stem by stem into a floral foam filled ball which is fixed atop a handle. This allows more structured design, more variation in style and even some unusual placements of certain flowers. This type of bouquet is multi-dimensional. Common styles are teardrop shape, curved shape and draping with ivy or flexible flowers such as dendrobium orchids. A bouquet holder allows the flowers to have a constant water source so they stay fresh longer.

Single and Triple Flowers to be Carried Alone
A single flower or three flowers arranged with greens to rest on the forearm and held in the hand at the binding point, where flowers are tied together with ribbon. This looks lovely with long graceful flowers like delphinium, calla lilies, or orchids. It can be a great way to have expensive flowers, inexpensively.

Small basket, Nosegay, Tussie Mussie, and Pocketbook of Flowers
All are miniature designs and can be used in any circumstance, but are most often used for the flower girl or junior bridesmaid. A tussie mussie is a tiny bouquet arranged in a small holder which is usually silver plated – only 3 to 5 inches in size.

Pin on Corsage
Worn on the woman’s left front shoulder or can be pinned on a purse or clutch bag. It usually consists of two sometimes three prominent flowers like roses and a small sprig of filler flower and a sprig of greens. It may or may not have a bow.

A Velcro form or bracelet with the flower attached to lie on top of the wrist like the face of a watch. The flowers used in a wristlet are usually smaller in size than flowers in a pin on corsage – example- spray roses instead of full size roses used in a corsage.

A single flower with minimal greenery worn pinned to the left lapel of a gentleman.

A contemporary pin on corsage or can be a boutonnière, which has smaller flowers and is characterized by the use of wire and/or beads or pearls incorporated into the design. Great design when a whimsical or funky affect is desired.


Flower cages and box forms allow designers to fashion flowers for wedding arches, aisle decorations, pews, and wedding cakes. They supply a source of moisture and help keep the flowers fresh.

Large oversized vases, urns basket and branches are available for altar or wedding site décor. Often these items are rentals.

Centerpieces for the reception can vary from round traditional circular arrangements to exotic dishes of flowers on pedestals to unique topiaries and tall willowy branches or tall straight twigs.